We guarantee - no hidden fees, extra costs or unexpected surprises. With many deals processed monthly we can assure you get the best car lease deals. Exclusive access to demo cars, marked down car leasing specials, unlimited discounts. No money (zero) down car lease specials. Think different, leasing a car is simple with RoyalPass, just call us to get your next car on the road.
You have many good reasons to lease a car instead of purchasing one. One reason is that it’s less expensive to lease than to buy. When you lease a car with us, you get the best deal possible in the market.


Pick the new vehicle that’s right for you. Looking for an SUV, minivan, economy car or truck to lease? We have all these types of vehicles to lease… and more. In fact, Royal Pass offer models from almost every auto manufacturer


You can get a quick quote for an auto lease either from an in-person visit or over the phone. The fastest and most convenient method is Online, of course. Receiving an online quote not only saves time, but also provides the information you need in the comfort of your office or home. You can even get a quote while on the beach if your smartphone or tablet has internet access.


After you’ve confirmed your quote and locked in your rate, your Automotive Expert has to locate your car. This may sound unusual, and you may wonder about this step. But the reason is simple: doesn’t operate like a traditional car dealership. It has no NYC car lot. Instead, Royal Pass manages vehicles in storage facilities across United States. This strategy provides lower overhead than traditional car dealerships and enables you to receive the best lease deals. Your Automotive Expert locates your car at one of our storage facilities and initiates your delivery


All Royal Pass vehicles come with delivery across the United States. Depending on your vehicle and the area it’s coming from, you can expect to receive your vehicle within one to two days.